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I will visit Ghana very soon – Manchester City winger Jeremy Doku

Manchester City winger Jeremy Doku, known for his speed and agility on the field, is set to visit Ghana in the coming months.

Despite opting to represent Belgium over Ghana in his international career, the 21-year-old, fluent in Twi, expressed deep admiration for his parents’ homeland in a recent interview with Premier League TV.

“I’m Ghanaian. My parents are also Ghanaians. I speak Twi, which is the language of Ghana. So I have to go back again because it’s been a long time,” Doku affirmed during the interview.

While discussing his connection to Ghana, the talented winger also shared his appreciation for the country’s culture, especially its music. “I like Ghana. I like the way they talk. I like the music,” he said.

Having scored twice in the eighteen matches he played for Belgium, Doku revealed that a return to Ghana is imminent.

He acknowledged that while his parents frequently visit their homeland, he hasn’t had the chance yet, stating, “I haven’t gone back yet, so I have to go.”

The Ghana Football Association reportedly made attempts to get the 21-year-old to play for Ghana but it didn’t work.

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