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Kudjoe Fianoo explains GHALCA’s Green Soccer initiative

The Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) has introduced a new initiative called Green Soccer to encourage football clubs in the country to prioritize environmental sustainability.

GHALCA boss Kudjoe Fianoo recently explained the rationale behind the initiative in an interview with Peace FM, monitored by

According to Fianoo, the initiative is aimed at promoting responsible waste management and conservation of water resources. He emphasized that football players and officials have a role to play in protecting the environment, as their actions during and after matches can have significant environmental implications.

“The football we play 45 minutes 45 minutes maybe you will get to drink water during halftime but now you have to break. The water we are drinking we have to drink it more the water we will get so that the price will go down so that we will buy plenty for the players that’s is also getting destroyed by galamsey,” he said

“So if we are sitting here saying it doesn’t concern us so long as environment is concern at the end of the day we will suffer. So we have brought it the football how are we playing it you won’t see a ball when we are playing you see any referee if the referee comes you won’t see him.

“That is when we finish playing football the rubbers we leave what are we doing to it everybody knows that the rains that floods it is the rubbers that we leave everywhere that choke gutters. So how do we dispose of it or there is water at your training grounds that does that so if we see that we will punish you, those doing it well we will give you a mark,”

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