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Liberia: Promising Liberian-American Football Star Urges Athletes to Prioritize Consistency and Training

Monrovia — Dominic Saidu, a promising sixteen-year-old American football star from Liberia says the importance of consistency and training for young athletes. Living in Dallas, Texas, and attending the First Baptist Academy, Dominic has caught the attention of numerous institutions in the USA due to his exceptional performance on and off the field.

Despite being in the 10th grade, Dominic’s skills and talents have already attracted scholarship offers from about twenty-seven schools. He plays as a wide receiver, a position in American football responsible for catching passes from the quarterback and occasionally running the ball.

Dominic’s agility and efficiency make him a formidable presence on the field, especially during his catch-and-run moves. During his first visit to Liberia, he shared with our reporter that hard work and consistency have been crucial to his success. Though he has not yet reached his ultimate goals, he believes that maintaining focus and consistency are key to advancing his career. He urged his peers to adopt the same mindset.

“I started playing American football at the age of eight after watching the game on television and YouTube. I subsequently developed a deep interest in the sport,” Dominic explained. He continues to train rigorously, aiming to stay at the top of his game and encouraging other young athletes to do the same.

Dominic also prides himself on being a leader both on and off the field, motivating his teammates and speaking on their behalf. He aspires to play in the NFL but first aims to excel in college. “I use track and field to improve my speed and agility, running events like the 400m and 100m to enhance my performance as a wide receiver,” he noted.

During his visit to the Samuel Kanyon Doe (SKD) Sports Complex, Dominic was impressed by the dedication of his peers. He believes that with support and hard work, Liberia’s young talents will achieve great success. “I love to work, train, and run. I encourage my brothers and sisters to do the same. Sometimes your efforts might go unnoticed, but consistency is key to progress,” he pointed out.

At just sixteen, Dominic has already won several individual awards, including MVP and first-team player in his role and division. Ranked 8th in the USA, he envisions motivating his peers to follow in his footsteps and is poised to become a major superstar soon.

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