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Samuel Eto’o’s actions fuel tensions within Cameroonian national team

The Cameroonian national team, also known as the Indomitable Lions, has been dealing with internal tensions, and the recent actions of their federation (Fecafoot) president, Samuel Eto’o, have only served to worsen the situation.

Despite the challenges posed by a power struggle between Fecafoot and the government, the Lions demonstrated remarkable resilience, securing a decisive 4-1 victory over Cape Verde. This triumph not only boosted their morale but also solidified their position at the top of Group D in the qualifying rounds for the 2026 World Cup.

However, the excitement of their success was short-lived. Just hours after the match, Fecafoot reportedly added to the tension, according to a report by Camfoot media. The federation sent a letter to the players, instructing them to remain loyal to Fecafoot in its ongoing influence struggle against the government. This directive came as the team was preparing to face Angola in their next match.

The letter, which cited the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, stated that the players were exclusively at the disposal of Fecafoot. It also warned of disciplinary action for any non-compliance.

The letter was met with significant displeasure among the players, according to Camfoot. The players are reportedly growing increasingly frustrated with Samuel Eto’o, whose leadership style and actions are not resonating with them.

Eto’o, a former FC Barcelona striker, had initially positioned himself as an ally of the players when he was elected. However, his subsequent actions have led to a sense of disappointment among the players who once admired him.

The players were particularly disappointed that their hard-fought victory was met with a threatening letter from Eto’o, instead of the praise and recognition they had hoped for.

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