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Nigeria: How 1xcup Changes the Lives of Its Participants, Helps People Get a Future

The participants of the 2023 tournament talk about their unique experiences and how they are looking forward to 1xCup 2024.

In 2023, 1xCup became one of the major events in Nigerian football. The tournament gathered over 40 teams from Lagos, with a prize pool of N5,000,000. The winner of the cup, Bariga FC, was given N1,000,000. In 2024, the prize pool of the tournament, supported by 1xBet, will reach N20,000,000, and the winner will receive N10,000,000.

But money is not the most important thing. The participants of 1xCup 2024 are waiting for a new opportunity to prove themselves.

“The impressions of last year’s games were great, and those memories are still vivid. It was probably the best Community Shield tournament that I have ever seen in Lagos. Everything was top-notch: the best referees, excellent organisation of the matches, it was just perfect,” said the champions’ head coach, Barrister Ayo Julius.” I would like to thank the tournament organisers, and may God bless them for this great opportunity for all the participants. 1xCup helps people get a future. A lot of new talents have been discovered through this competition.”

Mr Barrister says the tournament is a platform that helps players prove themselves better than most scouting programmes. Last year, half of his team’s squad got the opportunity to go abroad, and there were invitations to players from other clubs as well. “If you’re not here, you’re missing out on a lot,” the coach added.

Bariga FC player Benjamin Friday believes the tournament serves an important social function.

“It was a great idea. I hope that events like this will be held more often, as they benefit the community. I hope that many of us will be able to show ourselves and get good opportunities through this tournament,” said the Bariga player.

Representatives of other teams participating in last year’s 1xCup were also delighted. Even if they didn’t manage to win, such a high-level competition was beneficial.

Here is what they say in DE-Elite: “The development and recognition of the club have been a big boost for our team. Our advice to the new comers: fight to win every game, stay determined and focused, and try not to lose concentration”.

The Odion Ighalo Academy team runner-up wants to be successful in the new season. “The biggest challenge the team faced after last year’s final was that some of our key players sustained injuries, which cast down the rest of the squad. But we quickly brought in a psychologist.

As a result, the team got a big boost in development after the tournament. Both morally and financially, and, more importantly, in team spirit. Other teams that are getting ready for this year’s tournament need thorough preparation and a lot of determination. And remember that everything is possible in football!”